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  1. Ridicularizat de media liberala, Tim Tebow este la aceasta ora unul dintre cei mai populari sportivi in USA.Meciul de duminica , se prezice, va fi cel mai vizionat meci de playoff in istoria fotbalului American..
    Lets all do some Tebowing for Tim, so he can win .. 🙂

  2. hanulcalatorului

    Fr. Lascau,

    nu santeti de parere ca, un sportiv de performanta care se pocaieste si devine crestin, ar trebui sa-si schimbe meseria si sa faca ceva util pentru societatea in care traieste ?
    La ce foloseste faptul ca, oamenii cumpara performante sportive ?

  3. Eu cred că fiecare trebuie să-și folosească darurile și talentele primite de la Dumnezeu pentru binele altora și înaintarea Împărăției. Tim Tebow tocmai asta face și o face bine cu mare eficiență. Niciunul din noi n-am fi putut provoca o întreagă țară la rugăciune cum a făcut-o Tim.

  4. Chris Prunean

    We love Tebow! Trebuie sa practice ‘tebowing’ pe terenul de sport ca de vreo câteva luni nu poate merge la biserica duminica. 🙂 Totuși apare sa fie un crestin autentic.

  5. cimm

    corect frate Lascau.Si cu ocazia asta vreau sa va spun si La Multi Anii Fericiti,atat dv cat si la intrega fratietate care intra pe acest frumos bllog.Apropo frumoase schimbari ati facut .Care sa fi fost oare ordinea in care s-au facut.?

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  7. hanulcalatorului

    Fr. Lascau,

    daruri si talente de la Dumnezeu pentru sport de performanta ??? Eu n-am gasit asa ceva in Biblie. Nu vreau sa se inteleaga ca sant inapoiat in gandire. Accept sportul ca forma de intretinere a sanatatii si recreere, insa nu vad deloc benefic pentru oameni sa practic sport de performanta si ei sa-mi cumpere performantele.
    La ce folosesc performantele sportive cumparate de oameni ? Stiti cati bani se cheltuie la nivel mondial in industria sportului ? Bani care adunati laolata insumeaza miliarde de dolari anual , care ar putea fi directionati spre nevoi reale ale societatii in care traim.
    Cum este inaintea lui Dumnezeu ca eu sa cheltui 80$ lunar pe bilete la meciuri de fotbal, in conditiile in care cu 80$ pot ajuta doi africani bolnavi de TBC din Africa sa faca tratament sa fie vindecati de aceasta boala. Si exemplele ar putea continua ce se pot face cu 80$ lunar.
    Avand in vedere multitudinea de nevoi cu care se confrunta o multime de oameni pe pamant la ora actuala, ma indoiesc ca este placut inaintea Domnului sa risipesc bani pe performante sportive, ca: unul sare nu stiu cati metrii in lungime, altul ca alearga nu stiu cat de repede, altul ca nu stiu cat de bine joaca tenis sau cat de mult inoata fara oprire, etc,etc…

  8. Alex B

    Un excelent articol despre Tim cu tot efortul mediai liberala de „political correctness” cu influente de tip „Husein” de al poza ca si extremist.

    Tebow: The man behind the mania

    The Denver Broncos’ Tim Tebow is not your average quarterback.

    The 20-year-old former high school football player won’t snag any touchdown throws from his hero Saturday at Gillette Stadium when the Denver Broncos’ on-field miracle-worker challenges the New England Patriots in an AFC Divisional playoff game. But McLeod just may catch a pass — and more compassion and love than he ever imagined.
    As kickoff approaches, Tebow will do what he always does at pressure-packed times — give of himself. The 24-year-old quarterback will spend a few moments with McLeod , who suffered a traumatic brain injury playing football in 2008. They plan to meet on the sidelines as part of the Tebow Foundation’s Wish 15 program that grants requests for young people with serious medical issues.
    PHOTOS: Tebow’s career in pictures
    BLOG: 43% believe divine intervention at work
    One thing is for sure: Tebow will hug McLeod.

    VIDEO: A Loveland, Colo., teen’s wish comes true when she gets to meet Denver QB Tim Tebow.
    The son of evangelical missionaries, Tebow — voted America’s new favorite athlete in an ESPN Sports poll — says giving a warm embrace and words of encouragement to those in need „puts everything into perspective” before a game.
    „We’re playing a game, and you want to win, but you know that it’s not the end of the world,” Tebow says . „Even a bad loss on the football field is better than spending a day (recovering) in a hospital.”
    Tebow discussed a wide range of topics in an exclusive interview with USA TODAY, including how he copes with fame.
    The latest flashpoint came Sunday. The Broncos, stumbling into the playoffs with a three-game losing streak, shocked the Pittsburgh Steelers with a 29-23 wild-card victory in Denver. In an NFL-record 11 seconds, Tebow fired an 80-yard scoring dart that ended the overtime thriller and added to a season-long list of Tebow-engineered comeback exploits.
    The can’t-miss moment prompted the Internet to spasm with a flood of tweets.
    „I don’t have to live the roller coaster other people live with my life,” Tebow says. „It’s hard because people try to have an effect. I try to stay centered in my faith and my family and the close people around me.”
    Living a private life
    Tebow’s well-documented empathy and humanitarianism are easier to comprehend than Tebow the person, vastly more complex than Tebow the phenomenon. Attempting to uncover nuggets regarding his life beyond touchdown passes and charitable deeds is like trying to mine for gold in a dry Colorado creek bed. Corralling the otherwise-frisky Bronco to talk about himself can be a pleasant chore.
    The cordial, media-savvy former Heisman Trophy winner surrenders very little regarding his personal life beyond perfunctory, sometimes well-rehearsed answers that reveal little. He is good-natured, polite as he scrambles from questions he prefers not to directly address.
    „I think he’s loosening up a bit,” says Andrew Mason, editor and publisher of MaxDenver.com, which provides in-depth Broncos’ coverage. „But I think we would all like to learn more about what makes him tick. For the moment, I see no reason not to believe this is who he is.”
    While many are willing to denigrate Tebow’s fundamentals as a player — „I don’t (read the internet); it’s so hard because you hear so much (negative feedback)” — and some are put off by his strong religious beliefs, there is little to criticize regarding his life off the field.
    He often chats with a Florida-based pastor „to continually stay humble when it’s going good and to stay confident when it’s going bad,” Tebow says. „Athletic ability can be taken away like that. It can all end in a heartbeat.”
    Tebow rarely discusses his frustrations with the sharper edges of fame and fortune, but the quarterback is a closet worrier. The cocoon-ish isolation of superstardom prompts him to conclude with a touch of melancholy, „It’s hard to create new friendships outside sports.”
    Told that the public does not know much regarding his private life beyond his religious convictions, the hunky 6-3, 245-pounder — whose bare-chested advertisements have generated record sales for Jockey underwear — laughs nervously.
    „I feel like I’m pretty open about stuff …if people look into it,” he says a bit hesitantly. „Outside of football and training, I am somewhat of a homebody. Love hangin’ out with my siblings and close friends. It is my favorite thing to do in the world. Love laughing — love tellin’ jokes. I really try to enjoy life and have joy with what I do. I don’t know, I guess that’s a little inside look at me.”
    Simple pleasures for a somewhat-complicated young man, one who certainly is no off-the-field NFL throwback when it comes to the marquee position.
    Back in a bawdier days of professional football, some wildly popular quarterbacks showed off their non-conformity, arrogance and pure, unadulterated bad-boy behavior.
    The New York Jets’ „Broadway Joe” Namath wore blondes on both arms in late-night haunts. Ken Stabler liked to say that he studied the Raiders’ playbook by the light of the jukebox in Oakland honky-tonks. Jim McMahon, the Chicago Bears’ chief iconoclast, mooned a helicopter during a Super Bowl practice.
    Hard partying and all-nighters seemed the norm. More recently, the introduction of personal brand-building and greater image buffing, cell phone cameras and 24-hour instant-news disseminators, such as Twitter and Facebook, seem to reduce publicly outlandish naughtiness and foster greater circumspection.
    John Elway knows what it is like to be a stud pro quarterback. The two-time Super Bowl-winner and Hall of Famer was the toast of Denver during his heyday, and he enjoyed the perks. Now the Broncos’ executive vice president of football operations, Elway, 51, understands that the public, often jaded with the buffed public veneers of some athletes, might wonder about Tebow, despite his reputation for embodying Christian values.
    „Is he too good to be true?” asks Elway .
    Elway quickly answers his own query: „I think that’s how the media represent it. But that is how we see him (as genuine). Tim is beyond his years” on and off the field.
    „His maturity level with dealing with the pressures of what comes with playing the position (is enviable),” Elway says. „If you watch how he handles each press conference, that is truly who he is. It is not an act. It is a credit to his background and his parents. There is no question that, from where I sit, his priorities are different than those of most 24-year-olds.”
    More to life than football
    Indeed. The young left-hander with the unorthodox playing style appears to lead a very orthodox, if generally secluded, lifestyle. Tebow’s name rarely pops up in Denver society columns — and never with a whiff of scandal. He says he would rather serve others, including his desire to extend his foundation’s plan to support orphans around the world and build a hospital in Davao City in the Philippines, which is scheduled to break ground in March.
    „Tim believes there is more to life than football,” says foundation executive director Erik Dellenback.
    Tebow does not imbibe, display rivers of tattoo ink on his sculpted physique or hang out in nightclubs. Home-schooled on a 44-acre farm outside Jacksonville, he is serious about personal responsibility.
    „The biggest reason I don’t (consume alcohol) is because (if I have) a glass of wine, I don’t want to be responsible for a kid looking up to me and saying, ‘Hey, Tebow’s doin’ it — I am going to do it.’ And then he makes a bad decision.
    ” Because, like it or not, it is serious,” he says.
    No vices?
    „Nope,” he says.
    Tebow pauses, racking his snow-cap-covered head to come up with something.
    „Love ice cream,” he says. „I let myself have that about once a week. Vanilla.”
    Tebow giggles. OK, he admits, maybe occasionally he will take the pleasure of adding a brownie with his ice cream, which is a healthy version, he says, because it is homemade.
    „There is a weird thing about me,” he adds. „In the NFL, you know how people love going to fancy restaurants? I am not a fancy-restaurant guy. I am a good-tasting steak-and-potatoes guy.”
    Last summer, Tebow did enjoy the extravagance of N9NE, an upscale steak and seafood house at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, where he was working a promotion event for Nike. Along with running back Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings, cornerback Darrelle Revis of the New York Jets and defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh of the Detroit Lions, the foursome posed for a photograph with executive chef Barry Dakake.
    However, Tebow finds social gatherings in public quite difficult for the same reason all celebrities cite: Lack of privacy. Hence, he prefers to limit his free time to intimate gatherings with family and long-time friends, a virtual prisoner of his own burgeoning popularity.
    „Sometimes you want to go to dinner and hang with friends, but you don’t want to sign (autographs) or take pictures the whole time,” he says. „But I am just like anyone else; I like meeting new people.”
    Which naturally leads to the subject of much internet speculation — Tebow’s romantic relationships . Or, he says, lack thereof.
    Recently, the quarterback was linked to professional skier Lindsey Vonn after „Tebowing” — Vonn genuflected on one knee and prayed as Tebow does after a touchdown or a victory — following her first World Cup win on a U.S. slope last month.
    Not true, he says. Vonn is a family friend. The Tebows met her at the ESPYs award show.
    Tebow does not have a girlfriend because he says he is „too busy with football and life and …it’s hard.” He offers no elaboration, deftly and quickly re-routing an interview.
    A few minutes later, Tebow, an acknowledged virgin, is asked if he is besieged with women trying to meet him through a variety of social-networking methods.
    „Umm, good question,” he says. „I am blessed to have a close-knit (group) around me. I’m not out there doing a lot of things. I guess it is one of the frustrating things where I am (in life). I love meeting and talking with people, socializing and hanging out. But people can read it the wrong way.”
    He says he always is „careful about leading girls on.”
    „I always want to be very careful about that,” he says. „That is one thing that’s a little frustrating.”
    Helping others
    Tebow does not allow that frustration to seep out. His unbridled joy and passion is evident when he surrounds himself with young admirers, particularly those suffering with physical limitations who could use an inspirational jolt .
    Such was the case last weekend when he met Bailey Knaub, 16, after his foundation provided four tickets and other goodies for her family to attend the Steelers’ game.
    The Loveland, Colo., high school student suffers from a rare vascular disorder that has led to more than 70 surgeries the last decade — including the removal of her left lung in 2010.
    Less than 15 minutes before kickoff, Tebow finished warming up and approached the girl on the sidelines, telling her, „Bailey, I’ve been looking forward to meeting you.” He gave her a big hug and an autographed football.
    „It was very emotional — we haven’t seen her that happy in a long time,” says her mother, Kathy. „You could tell by how he was talking to Bailey that he was not doing this for publicity or any other reason than he likes kids. He is an exceptional guy.”
    Bailey thinks so, too.
    „My heart was going like a million miles an hour,” she says.
    „He was amazing — so sweet, kind and generous. He just made me feel so special.
    „It was the best day of my life.”

  9. Sunt destul de derutat că nu sunteți cu nimic împotriva ca musulmanii să ocupe străzi principale din orașe și să se roage la zeii lor. Sunteți supărat și Dvs. (ca media americană) că un creștin se roagă la un meci de fotbal american. Soluția Dvs. ar fi să-l lămurim să se lase de sport și să facă altceva cu viața lui, și nu să luptăm pentru drepturile unui creștin să se roage în public (să lăsăm deci musulmanilor adreptul acesta!).
    Lumea noastră e nebună, nebună de legat… Dă bani cu milioanele sportivilor și artiștilor. Cu siguranță că s-ar putea face multe lucruri bune cu banii aceștia. Dacă citiți despre Tim, el n-ar putea face atâtea acte de caritate dacă n-ar avea banii pe care-i câștigă cu sportul…

  10. Mike O

    Aceste doua imagini prezentate, mi-au adus aminte de o situatie similara din Biblie.Ilie si proroci lui baal.Si uni si alti s-au rugat, dar rezultatele au fost diferite.
    Cred ca pentru a beneficia de un raspuns pozitiv, din partea lui D-zeu este foarte important:
    -cine se roaga.
    -cum se roaga.
    -dece se roaga
    -cui se roaga.

  11. Paul Cornel Micula

    Tim Tibow ar trebui sa.fie pentru noi un exemplu demn de urmat . Nu cred ca avem nici unul dintre noi talentul pe care il are el in ale sportului , dar ce face el de fiecare data cind echipa sa marcheaza da slava in vazul a milioane de oameni Celui ce merita toata slava. Cred ca Petru si Ioan au facut la fel cind Dumnezeu a vindecat ologul de la Poarta Frumoasa . In alta ordine de idei datorita faptului ca Tim este at atit de popular are acces sa se duca sa predice in puscarii in scoli sau in alte locuri publice. Sa nu mai vorbim de citi bani da pentru tot felul de cauze. Tim desi este destul de tinar este folosit de Dumnezeu sa spuna generatiei tinere despre abstinenta la toate nivelele ,cauze ca si pro life . V- as sugera sa il sustinem in rugaciune in loc sa tragem de el in jos. Simbata va depune din nou marturie si pentru noi in fata a sute de milioane de oameni ,, Go Tim Go „

  12. Chris

    Isus a recomandat ca rugaciunea sa fie facuta in casa (in ascuns ) si Dumnezeu care vede in ascuns ii va rasplatii.E adevarat ca Isus nu a avut casa unde sa se roage dar sa dus in locuri singuratice pentru ca totusi si ruga lui sa fie intrun loc ascuns . Deci, TIM , avea recomandarea biblica de a se ruga acasa inainte de ora lui sportiva. In consecinta, fapta lui buna este graita de rau.Actul acesta il intalnim si in bserica . Invitatul la predica ajunge la amvon se pleaca pe genunchi si in fata intregii asistente el se roaga pentu ca prediaca lui sa fie cat mai reusita. Dar pentruca nu sa rugat acasa , predica lui nu numai ca nu-i reusita dar e si comentata si graita de rau. deaceia crestinii de astazi sufere de foame spirituala.Despre musulmani ce sa mai vorbim, ei nu-l cunosc pe Cristos Domnul nostru.God bless yuo all.!!!

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  14. hanulcalatorului

    Fr. Lascau,

    vad ca nu ne intelegem. Eu nu ridiculizez nici pe musulmani si nici pe crestinul de mai sus. Eu am abordat o alta latura a acestei postari. Ca lumea ridiculizeaza pe crestinii care se roaga in public si pe musulmani nu, este un fenomen, despre care Domnul Isus a vorbit de mai bine de doua mii de ani. O problema a crestinilor in comparatie cu musulmanii, este faptul caci, crestinii nu stiu sa se impuna in fata oamenilor pentru a fi respectati mai mult. De aceea crestinii au aceasta problema legata de rugaciune. Eu zic ca, crestinii au de invatat de la musulmani in aceasta privinta. Ba chiar femeile crestine au de invatat, de la femeile musulmane in ce priveste imbracamintea si alte lucruri. Dati-mi voie sa va spun ca, sant aspecte in care femeile musulmance ( care macar ca nu-l cunosc pe Dumnezeu ), dau dovada de mai mult bun simt si supunere, in comparatie cu femeile crestine. Prin asta nu ma refer la imbracamintea extremista si alte lucruri de genul acesta, insa ceea ce este corect, trebuie apreciat, chiar daca vine de la un musulman.
    Pai daca lumea este nebuna ca da atatia bani sportivilor si sportului de performanta, cine sant aceia care intretin aceasta nebunie ? Nu cumva cei ce sustin aceasta nebunie sant sportivii si suporterii care cumpara biletele la competitiile sportive ?
    Vedeti !!! Acuma ati dat dvs. raspunsul la problema ridicata de mine!!!

  15. NouaOrdineCrestina

    Ii vedem destul de des aliniati si prosternuti cu fatza la pamant, cu partea dorsala ridicata sfidator spre cer, plini de devotament , plini de abnegatie si loaialitate absoluta pentru „Profetul Mincinos”, ce i-a indoctrinat ,i-a orbit ,i-a pcalait ,le-a luat mintile !!!. La un semn deschisa-i calea, iar o parte din ce in ce mai mare dintre ei ,cu precadere tineri ,sunt gata pentru sacrificul suprem !!!. Gata sa traga maneta, sa apese intrerupatorul,sa declanseze bomba, sa explodeze in mii de bucati !!!. Dar nu solitar !.Sunt gata pentru martiraj . . . in public, inmijlocul a cat mai multor . . . evrei ori. . . crestini !
    Pentru crestinul sovaelnic pe cale, musulmanii ne dau un exemplu de curaj necontestabil, de vointa neclintita, de serviabilitate ,de slujire impecabila fata de stapan !. Oare crestinismul modern-contemporan american cat si mondial,in superficialitatea si actiunile lui mediocre ,urmarind in cea mai mare parte doar comfortul si profituri fabuloase de ordin material ,este capabil sa contrapareze escaladarea urii lor cizelata cat mai aproape de perfectiune ??!! .Oare putem sa facem distinctie intre rugaciuni sincere si rugaciuni formale??!! .Chiar aici in States, cu fiecare zi ce trece ,se profileaza la orizont o reala si periculoasa confruntare intre ei si noi ,intre ura lor si . . .”dragostea noastra ” pentru ADEVAR ! . Aveti vre-un pronostic limpede ,lipsit de diluare publicitara ??!!

  16. mike

    Admir la musulmani nu credinta lor, ci trairea lor in acea credinta–unitatea lor, sacrificiul sa moara pentru domnul lor,. deasemenea pastrarea traditiilor . La crestini nu se observa aceasta – a disparut –iubirea de aproapele, frica de DOMNUL,rusinea de oameni sa nu mai amintesc de tolerantele din ce in ce mai tolerante in ceace priveste standardul de traire pentru DUMNEZEU. La fel prea multa diversificatie in rindul crestinilor, prea multe teorii si interpretari ale Scripturii . Despartirile chiar in cadrul aceleias biserici indica putina credinta si mai ales putina ascultare de DOMNUL. Desigur fara adevarata credinta si unitate in rindul crestinilor –Va mai fi credinta pe pamint cind ISUS va reveni??

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